Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Saturday 2011

Welcome Back ladies!!!
We are super excited for Super Saturday this year.  Sarival and Canyon Trails wards are combining to have a "Super" crafty time :0)
Our event will be Saturday September 17th from 9am-2pm.  Bring a friend, neighbor or co-worker for even more fun.   Even if you are not interested in any of the following projects, be sure and come over for lunch between 11-12 noon.  You can look forward to the return of those fabulous little pumpkin soup bowls from a few years back and tons of yummy snacks and treats.

Here are our projects...
Glass Nativity Ornament- $2.00
This darling glass ornament will be a touching addition to your Christmas tree.  It is super easy to make.  An image is glued to the clear acrylic paper insert, rolled up, and placed inside the bulb.   If we are lucky enough to get the bulbs on sale, you will get two for the price of one!
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. each
Here is another image available.
       Glue Gun Stand- $2.50
Who doesn't need one of these!?!  I designed this hot glue gun stand to hold either large or small glue guns, they both work!  This is one easy to assemble project, too.  All you need to do is screw the stand to the base with the provided screw and pre-drilled hole, then glue on the heat-safe tile.  Paint will be provided if you wish to paint your stand before assembly.  The hot glue blobs you will have to furnish yourself :0)
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. or less
 Hair Flowers-set of three- $3.50
You are going to love this set of three felt hair flowers.  The kit comes with all felt pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble.  With a short tutorial and a little hand stitching or hot gluing (whichever you prefer) you will have three cute flowers ready to be worn.  A few color choices will be available.
Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour 

Temple Bracelet-$4 
What a clever way to keep track of your temple name on that tiny slip of paper during your next endowment session.  Not only is it convenient, but it is cute too.  You will lace beads on elastic thread, add the clip, and tie it off.  This bracelet includes a magnetic clasp to make it easier to put it on.  
     Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. to 1 Hour

I {heart} My Family Blocks- $5.00 a set, $0.50 each additional block
I love my {heart} My Family Blocks and you will love your's too.  This kit includes the three image blocks and 5 photo blocks {one more than shown here}.  You can purchase additional blocks if you so desire.  There are also other options instead of the word "Family", like "Grandkids" or "Friends" if requested.  You will simply need to paint your blocks black, cut out your paper image and photos, and Mod Podge them to the blocks.  One top coat of Mod Podge will seal the deal and you will be ready for your next project. The photos need be cut to 3" squares if you want to come with them already cut, or use the cutters provided at Super Saturday to complete them there.  
Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 Hours
Cookie Sheet Activity Kit-$7
This fun activity for kids will come together really quick.  All you need to do is apply the dry-erase vinyl sheet, glue the marker to the magnet, and tie the magnet to the cookie sheet.  That's it!  Your kids will love it!  The kit includes the cookie sheet, one sheet of dry erase paper, dry erase marker, magnets, felt for the other side, and a folder with laminated games that can be played on the board.  Links to additional games and activities will be provided after the Super Saturday event.
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. 

Play Food Blocks- $8
These Play Food Blocks will be enjoyed for hours and hours by your little ones. This kit includes all the wooden blocks needed, pre-painted, and two copies of each food label, one for each side of the block.  You will cut out your paper food labels and glue them to the blocks.  Varnish will be available for sealing the blocks.  Two coats of the varnish are recommended.
Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 Hours

     Easter Family Home Evening in a Can-$5.00
I am so very excited for our Family Home Evening lesson this year!!!  I have been waiting to do the Easter lesson each time Super Saturday has come around.  The kit for this project includes a cannery can, can label, metal lid, plastic lid for storage after opening, lesson copies, scripture cards, and 12 Easter eggs with charms for a fabulous Christ-Centered Egg Hunt.  You will number and fill the eggs with the provided symbols of Christ's life, pack them in the can with the other lesson items, and seal the thing shut!  How fun is that!!! 
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. to 1 Hour
    Birthday Blocks-$15
The Birthday Blocks are one of my favorite projects :0)  
These blocks are simple to put together.  They will come pre-painted.  All you have to do is mod podge the paper to the blocks, apply a thin over coat, paint the balloons and glitter, apply the vinyl and you're done!  This project is a little more work than some that we are offering this year, but it is FABULOUS!
Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 Hours
      Menu Board-Large $15, Small $10
The menu boards were a requested project that I fell in love with. 
They are painted with chalkboard paint and will be waiting for you pre-painted Saturday morning.  Your job is to apply the vinyl, and your are done!  Small holes will be drilled in the corners to allow you to mount the boards, or you can mount it another way on your own.
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. to 1 Hour
Here are other word options.  If you would rather your menu board say something else, please write that request on your order form.

White Daisey Flower Magnets-set of three $3.50
{Photo below-the three big flowers}
The white daisey flower magnets are simply adorable and they are very easily completed.  They would make a perfect addition to the "Family Is Everything" board mentioned later.  The process includes, removing flower from stem, hot gluing petal sheets together, and gluing the flower to a magnet. 
Estimated Completion Time: 30 min. or less 
  Family Is Everything Board- $22
This project was another idea sent to me from a ward member.  I fell in love with it instantly!  I absolutely loved Sister Hinkley, like so many, and am excited to have her quote up on my wall.  This magnet board measures 42" long and 12" high.  You will paint the board black, apply the metal, and then apply the vinyl.  All in all this project's 
Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 Hours

I am so very excited to get started so be certain you get your orders in by August 21st!!!  Money must accompany all orders.  You can email me at with any questions.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Links For Enriching Life At Home

I was searching for ideas about what we could do on Sundays as a family when I came upon this fabulous resource!  If you have never been to  you have to check it out!!!  Besides a plethora of other things, I found tons of games, activities, family home evening lessons, mazes and word searches, as well as holiday ideas and clipart. 

We mentioned a few games and files at our Relief Society Meeting Thursday night, and here are some of the files.

Flannel board stories-in color and ready to print
More Flannel Board Stories-black and white
Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt w/ pictures
FHE Games
LDS Coloring Pages
Sugar Cube Temples Craft Project
Old Testament ABC's
Reverence FHE- this site has many great ideas for FHE's

Other fun sites for crafts/activities/whatever:
Scriptures for Kids-games, conference/sacrament meeting bingo, flannel board stories, activity packets, etc.
Don't Eat Pete-Family Edition
The Magic Elf- Christmas Tradition
12 days to Thanksgiving Count Down
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Free Christmas Sheet Music for Kids(piano)
Kaboose-this will take you to the Thanksgiving page, but this site is the BEST EVER!!!  With coloring pages, craft activities, printables, mazes, math name it!

I also have many of the files from these sites downloaded on my computer.  Bring me a cd and I will burn you a copy!  Now there is no excuse for not knowing what to do with your family on a lazy Sabbath afternoon :0)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Super Saturday Wrap-up

Super Saturday was a HUGE success!  Thank you to all who had a hand in it!  The following are the notes and recipes that were presented at the event.  Many thanks to those ladies who took thier own crafting time to show us something new!

Everyday Photography Tips-
by Stephanie Frazier
Get Up/Get Down- We shouldn't be afraid to get on the ground or up on a latter to get a different view
Don't be afraid to GET UP CLOSE-  Get up close.  Sometimes an idea can be delivered better
Lines-The photo will be more appealing if things line up on a given plane
Try your different Modes- Try those different modes on your camera-the portrait mode, macro, etc.  They are made for specific shots and will improve your photos if used. 

Digital Scrapbooking-
How to Start-by Laci Waddell
click on the image below to see full size.

Tips for Closet Organizing-
by Heidi Larkin
Clear it out-
Take everything out, and clean closet. Make piles of keep or Donate.
(Donate means it doesn’t fit, never ware, doesn’t match, doesn’t make you feel great. Or haven’t worn it in a year.)
If you are not sure, flag the hanger, if you don’t use it that season-out.

Utilize every corner of closet-
Shoe racks on back of doors, floor, and interior walls. Use belt hangers with multiple hoods for camis, bras or scarves.

Get the right kinds. Sturdy wood for suites. Get rid of metal hangers and dry cleaner bags. Sort clothes by color and types.
Put what you wear the most at eye level. (Leaves seasonal things higher or lower.)
DO- make an “archive” with clothes bags for things you can come back to.

Fold Sweaters-
Sore in sweater boxes or folded on shelves

Use Boxes or a burrow for small things-
Put swimsuits or turtle necks in boxes higher or lower, to rotate with the season.
Put socks, underwear, scarves,
Keep boots, out door gear in the front hall. Or mud room.

Too many clothes-
Consider boxes under bed, attic to change out seasonally (Maternity)
Extra ideas for other closets-
Linen Closets, store folded sets of bed linens inside one of the set’s pillowcases.
Table linens- best store hanging from a skirt hanger in a closet
Build shelving for bins and baskets
Eliminate # of coats in a coat closet
Affix key racks
Organize supplies
Replace on long rod with 3 short ones. (one for dresses, 2 for shirts/pants.)

Getting Preschoolers Ready
For School-by Linda North

Witch Hats- Lindsey Owen
Turkey Cake Balls- Amber Bridges
Reindeer Brownies- Madison Campbell
Pretzel Treats- Lindsey Owen

Thanks Again and See you Next Year!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

October Craft Club

We will be making this lovely trio, the Ghost Family, for our craft club this month.  You can order them all together, or each one separately.  The price is as follows: Large/Dad $5, Medium/Mom $4, Small/Baby $3.
Please contact Vanessa Campbell for dates and times.  The first date will be Saturday, October 2nd during the priesthood session of conference.  Additional days will follow. 
Time commitment: These three ghosts should be finishable in 1-2 hours.  The painting is a simple base-coat of white.  Once dry, paint with glue and sprinkle with glitter.  Dot eyes, tie on ribbons, glue on gems and DONE!   How easy is that!?!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nach' Yo Mamma's Super Saturday!

Our 2010 Sarival Ward Super Saturday will be 
Saturday, September 25th from 9:00-4:00

Money and orders are due, at the same time, by September 1st.

This years projects are as follows...
Holiday Organizer @ $2.50. 
This handy notebook comes with all the papers, modge podge and inks to reproduce the darling organizer you see above.  It has been changed to read "Holiday Organizer" instead of "Christmas Organizer" to make it for all of the upcoming holidays.  It would be a great place to make Thanksgiving dinner plans, seating arrangements, gift lists, and to-do lists for upcoming parties and events. 

The inside cover has a decorated envelope to store all of your gift and purchase receipts.  My kids always seem to change their minds two weeks before Christmas and I normally spend hours searching through bags for the receipts to take things back.  Now there can be one decorated place to keep your receipts for easy access!  Project includes the PEN!!!
Estimated finish time, 1-2 hours
Thanksgiving Family Home Evening kit-
full color $5.50, Black and White $2.50 
This FHE kit comes complete with lesson plan, beautiful written pilgrim story, story and photos of the 10 lepers story, as well as two colored blessing-oriented visual aids from the friend.  It brought tears to my eyes and a burning in my heart to be reminded of the extreme sacrifice the early settlers made to establish this great country of ours.  This lesson plan is so packed you can actually break it down and use it for more than just one Family Home Evening.
Finish time: to cut out/color-anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your detail.

Temple Blocks- Large $5.00, Small $3.00
These breathtaking temple photos are mounted on sturdy 2" wood.  With this project you can choose your temple, whether you want it black and white or sepia tone (browns).  Color option is also available.  Next you can choose between the following texts...Keep in mind you can opt for no words as well...
The process:  Paint block, cut out picture and papers, glue to block, let dry, sand and add ribbons.  
Estimated finish time: 1-2 hours
(you can do several in that time-it's the drying that makes it take longer)
Various paint colors will be available if you are interested in something other than black and brown. 

Felt Food Kit @ $5.00-
This delicious assortment of felt food will come with all machine sewing done for you.  You will need to turn right-side-out, stuff, and hand sew.  The thread, needle, and beads are included.  As a special bonus for all who complete their kits by Christmas, you will recieve a SURPRISE piece of food already sewn and ready to play with!!! (I say surprise because I have not yet decided what to make, but I PROMISE, it WILL be GOOD!
Estimated time: DAYS! 
It makes a great project for when the good TV seasons get back into swing :0)

Happy Birthday Banner  $5.00, $8.00 for vinyl
The Birthday Banner comes with all the papers cut out and ready to string.  The candles and circles are cut out as well.  You will need to stencil the letters on, but you do have the option to pay $3 extra and use vinyl letters for way less mess!  All ribbons and buttons included in price.  Extra ribbon choices will be available.

Estimated finish time:1-2 hours

I Spy Bag $5.50
This I Spy Bag will come with all machine sewing done. 
 You will turn it inside out, fill with items, plastic beads, and hand stitch the small opening shut.  All items and label are included.  You can bring your own alphabet beads if you would like to add them to your bag. 
Estimated time: 1-2 hours

Metal Magnet Boards $10-metal area is 12 x 12
The magnet board will require painting.  Once dry you will glue on the metal and attach the ribbon. 
This project could be finished in less than an hour.

Home Sign $13-
with interchangeable, pre-painted pieces.
This HOME sign will need to be painted your choice of colors.  While it dries you can apply the vinyl letters and the magnet to the back of the shapes.  Once dry, you can glue on the metal piece and you are ready to go!  As I said above, the shapes come pre-painted.  You will add buttons and ribbons and then magnets to the backs, but unless you request them un-painted, they will be ready to use.
I would estimate this project taking 1.5 hours
(p.s. I don't have the buttons and ribbons on in this picture just yet)

All orders with MONEY due to
Vanessa Campbell by Sept. 1st!!!
You can call or email me here with any questions:
Thanks and See you there!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day Project

Hey Ladies!  We have a new project this month!!! It is a Father's Day frame.  It can sit on a shelf...
Or hang on a wall.
The cost is $4.50 Payable to Vanessa Campbell
I have scheduled the following days to work on it. If none of these days work, please feel free to give me a call or email and we can find a time that will work with your schedule.

Mon. June 7th- 10-noon
Wed. June 9th 7-9pm
Mon. June 14th 10-noon
Tues June 15th 7-9pm

Can't make it or you want to do it on your own?  You can also just buy the kits that come with everything in the picture above, and a template for the words.  By the way, I also have the writing for Best Grandpa, Best Papa, Best Opa, Best Uncle...or any other combination you might desire.

You need to pay at least 3 days before hand so I have time to purchase supplies and cut out the wood. You can bring money to me at my house, at church, or use the paypal button on this blog :0)
Call or email with any questions!
Vanessa Campbell

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Craft Club!!!

Hello Ladies!!! We are starting a craft club. We will meet the first Thursday of each month and do a fun, inexpensive craft that will make your home inviting and festive! For the month of February we are doing this fabulous LOVE sign sure to inspire a little "loven" in your home ;0) The project will cost $6. It is about 9" tall and about 21" wide. Paint and wire are included. There isn't much time to order this month so HURRY-Don't Delay!!! You can bring your money Sunday or, in an effort to make paying easier, we have included a PayPal button! Now you can pay for your craft from home! Simply press the PayPal button and it will take you to a log-in page where you can sign-in to your own PayPal account, or create one if you have not done so. With no time to spare, we are meeting Feb. 4th, 8pm, at the Campbell's home to create your masterpiece. We will see you there and as usual, please call Vanessa Campbell with any questions.